Mag Dimond is the award-winning, #1 best selling author of BOWING TO ELEPHANTS, TALES OF A TRAVEL JUNKIE. Mag is the creator of the Bowing To Elephants Podcast, won a Best Indie Biographies & Memoirs from Kirkus, and received the IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award for her book cover. She’s an Editor’s pick on Elephant Journal, and some of that is thanks to the wisdom of her dog, Peaches.

Her first book (in her 70s) BOWING TO ELEPHANTS has been compared to EAT, PRAY, LOVE in professional reviews and has received accolades from many influencers in the mindfulness and literary worlds. It’s full of stories of her travels around the globe, self-discovery, healing, food, and so much more. Visit

Mag has been a world traveler since age 11…living with her mother in Italy for 3 years. She has traveled extensively in Europe and the US, as well as Bhutan, Burma, Cambodia, China, Costa Rica, Cuba, the Galapagos, Guatemala, India, Japan, Kenya, Peru, Thailand, and Vietnam. Mag’s essays are on Elephant Journal (being read by almost 2 million people).

More of Dimond’s accolades include the American Literary Review, Travelers Tales Solas Awards, the Tulip Tree Awards, and the William Faulkner Wisdom Awards. Mag is available for readings, signings, podcasts, conferences, panel discussions, writing retreats, community events, television, radio, and media appearances.

“My aspiration has always been to understand how we humans learn about ourselves in alien and exotic landscapes, how we find communion with our fellow beings, develop some sort of spiritual path, and how we heal ourselves from childhood wounds by becoming part of the larger world.”