Congrats on being a guest on the Bowing To Elephants podcast!

Here’s what you need to know for your interview. But first things, first…

STEP 1: Foundation

  1. A. If you haven’t already done so, please send your 50-70 word bio to us.
  2. B. Read / do / know this before the podcast:
  • Get a high quality microphone. (During the podcast, ensure it’s plugged in and selected as input source.) Have your earbuds handy!
  • WHAT ABOUT WIFI? Know that HARDWIRED is best and safest (i.e. your computer/laptop and it’s plugged into the router AND your wifi OFF)
  • If you must use WIRELESS, make sure that other people in your household are not streaming movies or using the internet in a big way.
  • During the podcast, quit other apps, windows, etc. (close down except the one browser window that you see your interview happening and are speaking with Mag)

STEP 2: Preping for… And Then Having Your Interview

A. Environment

  • Choose a place where you won’t be disturbed
  • Ideal setting will have sound absorption around: pillows, foam, carpet, clothes, etc.
  • Sound reflecting/enhancing materials (dogs, children, tiles, hardwood, open walls, windows, mirrors, etc.) should be minimized

B. Equipment and what to do with it (not too much)

  • Google Chrome
  • Make sure to have the podcast window open on your web browser and close all other apps, windows, applications, etc. (except Chrome)


STEP 3: Getting Ready & Joining The Event

A. Minimize Distractions & Be Mindful of Potential Noise

  • Turn off sound emitting devices: AC, telephones, etc.
  • Put phone into Do Not Disturb or Airplane mode
  • Expecting an Amazon delivery? Put a note over the doorbell!

B. Going Live!

  • Arrive 5 minutes before your interview using the Riverside link. (If you don’t have this, let us know.)
  • Click on the link / paste link (use Chrome)
  • Grant permission to your microphone, camera, and location
  • Grant permission to your microphone, camera, and location
  • Review goals, expectations, and format with Mag
  • Confirm sound quality (for both of you)
  • Enjoy the conversation!

STEP 4: Guest Intake Form

* When you’re all done, please fill out —— >> this  GUEST INTAKE FORM, so we can tell the world about your interview!

Please download this PDF summary right now and keep it on your desk.

We Can’t Wait To Have You On The Show!