Episode 1: Love of Memoir & a Room of One’s Own – Brooke Warner

Hosted By: Mag Dimond

March 14, 2021

My guest today, Brooke Warner, wears many hats; she is an Author, a Publishing Expert (She Writes Press), a Teacher and a Feminist. Her firm “She Writes Press” is a unique, hybrid publishing firm that won the Best Publisher Award in 2019. Brooke has successfully helped hundreds of women publish their books and has greatly helped me choose the cover of my book.

What you Hear/Learn:

[2:10] Brooke talks about her “Love affair” with memoirs.

[05:31] Find out some of the memoirs Brooke has nurtured, developed a deep connection and what she has learned while helping memoirs writers.

[7:30] Mag and Brooke talk about: choosing whether to write a memoir or a book, connecting with your readers, imposter syndrome and putting all your truth out there while telling your story.

[17:55] New thinking about writing the pandemic has brought about.

[19:20] Mag and Brooke discuss common dilemmas such self- judgment, guilt that writers impose on themselves.

[23:30] Mag and Brooke discuss Virginia Woolf’s experiences and how today’s women writers resonate with her experiences.

[28:40] How Brooke and Mag were impacted by Virginia Wolf’s writing.

[32:40] Why good books are the way forward for young girls to understand feminism.

[35:06] Mag and Brooke talk about memories of their lives and how they can write memoirs from those memories


The reason I have a love affair with memoir is because it’s ever evolving, it’s not static, or constant; everybody’s story is different. And the way that someone might choose to write because of their voice, or how they articulate something is different

There’s an intimacy when a writer lets you into their world, there’s an evolution and you are experiencing, and they’re coming in and out of life over the years, you can feel very close to writers and their content”.

Giving a young woman the right book can be the way forward for young girls to understand feminism


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