Episode 18: Looking at Acupuncture as Healing Art with Gary Pelzner

Hosted By: Mag Dimond

October 5, 2021

In today’s episode, we learn about the ancient wisdom of Chinese medicine and the healing art of acupuncture. Acupuncturist and registered nurse Gary Pelzner joins me today. He’s practiced five-element acupuncture since 1991 and happens to be my acupuncturist, too. A man of many talents, Gary also makes jewelry and grows the most amazing roses! I admire Gary’s enormous heart and his commitment to the truth. We share a love of nature and a respect for nature’s ability to teach us and soothe us. 


What You Hear/Learn/Discover

[0:20] Guest introduction

[2:21]  Gary explains acupuncture and talks about its transformative healing powers. 

[07:29]  Learn about the five elements and how they relate to acupuncture therapy. 

[14:43] Gary explains how he became a nurse and an acupuncturist. 

[21:24] Gary talks about the thinkers and teachers who most influenced him. 

[28:80]  Mag and Gary discuss the joys of grandparenthood. 

[32:56] Gary talks about the resiliency of youth and his time working with adolescent cancer patients.  

[38:33]  Mag and Gary discuss how difficult it is to separate home and work life. They discuss how this struggle is very real for medical professionals, therapists, and law enforcement. 

[40:00] Mag and Gary explore objectivity and talk about how to stick to your “own truth.”



“And we’re learning so much lately about the fact that we’ve imbalanced the world so dramatically that, you know, we are seeing horrible things happening to various parts of the planet. It’s actually not dissimilar to what we’re also seeing happening with people…living through a pandemic that’s affecting the entire world. It all makes sense from the perspective of the philosophy underlying Chinese medicine  — that the more out of balance you get, there’s a price to pay.”

“Anyone who’s in the medical world, or working with people has to learn [to separate their work from their personal life]. And it’s not something you just walk in and are able to do…where you can really be intimate with another and not take it home.” 


Connect with Gary Pelzner

Email: gpelzner@mac.com


You can download the transcript here.



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