Episode 20: The Perpetual Gift of Dharma with Sean Feit Oakes

Hosted By: Mag Dimond

October 19, 2021

What defines us? What shapes us and molds us into the people we are? In this episode, Buddhist teacher Sean Feit Oakes joins me as we explore these important questions. We discuss social injustice and what we, as Buddhists, can do to enact change.

A Buddhist and Yoga teacher with a Ph.D. in Performance Studies, Sean integrates Somatic Experiencing (SE) and Organic Intelligence (OI) into his approach.

Among the deeper questions, we discuss how music moves us and how deeply the Dharma affects us. And as we are both so grateful for the perpetual gift of the Dharma, we also celebrate Vesak, a day to honor the Buddha and his teachings and celebrate the Buddha’s enlightenment. 

I invite you to get your favorite beverage, get comfortable, and join us on this journey!


What You Will Hear/Learn/Discover 

[3:31]  Sean expands on how difficult it is to describe music in words. 

[7:03] Mag and Sean discuss how music and art are different for each person. 

[14:30] Learn Sean’s answer to Mag’s question, “Who is the most unlikely or unique teacher you’ve had in your life?”  

[23:21] Sean talks about white privilege, the heteropatriarchy, and applying his Buddhist practice to social justice. 

[32:18]  Sean explains the different types of karma. 

[37:00]  Mag and Sean discuss the collective power behind movements like Black Lives Matter.

[41:13]  Discover Sean’s take on karma and rebirth. 

[47:15]  Sean responds to Mag’s question, “How has parenthood changed you?”

[51:40]  Sean talks about his relationship with his son.



“And so what I think successful music writing does is that it doesn’t tell me in some absolute way what that music sounds like. It couldn’t. What it tells me, hopefully, in a really deep way is what this person or this writer feels when they’re in the presence of that music.”

“The feeling of helplessness is conditioned to trauma, but it’s never actually true. You know there’s always something that can be done.”

“The love that I have with my son is… I never had anything like that before in my life. It’s a wholly different kind of relationship. I totally feel its holiness.”


Connect with Sean Feit Oakes

Website: https://www.seanfeitoakes.com/




You can download the transcript here.



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