Episode 22: Courage and Healing Through Memoir with Laura Davis

Hosted By: Mag Dimond

November 2, 2021


Today, a master of memoir joins the show. Laura Davis is the author of seven groundbreaking books, including The Courage To Heal. In addition to her own writing, Laura helps people tell their stories and hone their craft. She loves creating communities where writers can inspire and support each other. 

Laura’s brand new memoir, The Burning Light of Two Stars, explores her complicated relationship with her mother. I highly recommend you take a taste of this beautiful, moving book. The first five chapters are available on her website.

More than any other relationship, our relationship with our mothers defines us. Available on November 9th, Laura’s latest memoir chronicles Laura’s story of caring for her mother in the final years of her life.


What You Hear/Learn/Discover

[2:55] Laura shares how her writing helps her process, cope, and explore her innermost feelings.

[7:14] Learn how Laura worked through her feelings about her mother in her most recent book, The Burning Light of Two Stars. 

[8:41] Mag and Laura discuss Laura’s journey as a childhood incest survivor.

[13:58] Laura talks about her work as a writing teacher.

[18:05] Mag and Laura discuss why writing helps us understand people on a deeper level. 

[22:30] Laura explains tactics to help remember repressed memories.

[29:54] Laura identifies her relationship with her mother as one of the “core issues” in her life. She shares how it took ten years to complete her book chronicling their relationship.

[33:31] Laura gives tips for aspiring memoir writers.

[37:09] Mag explains why memoirs require complete honesty and openness. 



“I’ve always used writing as a tool for self-discovery, self-exploration, processing painful experiences, confronting people, or making decisions. Just in every way, it’s my go-to tool.”

“[As a writing teacher,] I always feel incredibly honored to hold that kind of space where people are able to remember things that maybe they’ve never remembered before or reshape a story that’s plagued them for a long time…[and] really tell the truth.”



Read the first few chapters of Laura’s newest book: https://lauradavis.net/the-burning-light-of-two-stars/

Find Laura’s other books here.

Connect with Laura Davis

Website: https://lauradavis.net/

Social media:






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