Episode 23: Rites of Passage And True Feminine Power with Britt Fohrman

Hosted By: Mag Dimond

November 9, 2021

Come listen to this infectious, brave young woman who brings babies into the world! Britt Fohrman is multi-talented with an amazing gift: she weaves the power of relaxation and healing into everything that she does. 

Britt spent the past two decades working in San Francisco as a yoga teacher, doula, birth educator, photographer, and women’s retreat facilitator. In addition to classes, workshops, retreats, and one-on-one sessions, she also offers Rite of Passage ceremonies.

In a world that seeks to lessen our true power and cage our femininity, she shares the wisdom she’s found on her journey. She shares her path out of suffering, how she began to listen to her body, and how she learned to trust in the deep well of her own inner strength. 


What You Hear/Learn/Discover

[2:12] Britt explains why she describes herself as “wild and free.”

[04:50] Britt talks about her long battle with Lyme disease and how yoga, Buddhism, and Chinese medicine finally helped her heal.

[7:19] Learn about Britt’s experiences as a doula and how different women respond to childbirth based on their mindset.

[10:09]  Britt shares how her parents influenced her.

[13:25] Britt talks about her experiences growing up in the Jewish community.

[16:51] Discover who Britt considers to be the most influential teacher in her life. 

[28:26] Britt explains how she brings the gift of healing to her yoga practice, photography, and work as a doula.

[37:08] Mag and Britt discuss why self-care is vital to those in healing professions.

[38:48] Britt explains how she’s been a “student of grief” and learned to be present to grief.



“[I’ve realized] that there is this drive for people to help others. There’s a lot of cruelty and awfulness, but there’s also this immense amount of kindness that we can witness out there, whether it’s somebody helping somebody across the street or giving some food to a homeless man.”

“It just feels like something that’s very instinctual and primal in me that I chose to have a life that was devoted to helping others because that wasn’t exactly how I was conditioned. And it wasn’t how I was educated. And it isn’t one of the best ways to make money, but it definitely feels like there’s no choice for me than to have a life that is devoted to helping others.”


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