Episode 24: Feeding, Healing, & Loving The Soul with Allison Post

Hosted By: Mag Dimond

November 16, 2021

If anyone could light up a room or a person’s heart, it’s Allison Post. An integrative health coach and somatic educator, Allison is a healer and a lover of all life. Over the last four decades, Allison taught courses in many massage modalities plus breath and bodywork. 

Allison has helped thousands of people deal with chronic illness, digestive discomfort, and other physical challenges. She works with people from all stages of life. She guides them through pregnancy, birth, menopause, aging, grief, and trauma from injury, surgery, or personal crisis. If I had to sum up her gifts and offerings, it’s that Allison feeds, heals, and loves the soul.


What You Hear/Learn/Discover

[3:31] Allison talks about her love affair with food and shares some of her favorite dishes.

[08:10] Mag discusses the book she’s writing about food and how it influences us. 

[11:14] Learn how Western culture discourages us from feeling our emotions and sets us up to use food as a coping mechanism. 

[18:13] Allison explains how she helps people truly feel and process their grief. 

[24:07] Allison shares her gifts with us and discusses the lost art of listening.  

[29:40] Discover why traditional Chinese medicine places such importance on the stomach and spleen.  

[38:30] Mag discusses how healthy food choices help us take care of our bodies. 

[40:00]  Allison explains how her cats teach her about love. 

[43:24] Allison shares how she transitioned from a life in theater to a life built around serving others. 



I think one of my gifts is that I’m really curious. I don’t want to know things necessarily. I want to experience. I want to understand. And I deeply, deeply want to listen. I think [listening] it’s an art, and that it’s a lost art. People don’t listen. I notice often that people are thinking about their responses while they’re listening.”

“Curries and Italian food…just have such a deep sensual sensation in the nose. And then, before you even eat them, your mouth is watering. You know how lucky you are, and how great you are, to be able to have it. And then it just kind of slides down, fills you, warms you, greets you, and makes you feel happy and blissful. That’s how much I love food.” 


Connect with Allison Post

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