Episode 31: A Gourmet Destination on The Northern California Coast with Andrew & Liya Truong

Hosted By: Mag Dimond

January 4, 2022

Andrew and Liya Truong are stunningly talented chefs. They own and run Terrapin Creek Cafe & Restaurant in the sleepy, small town of Bodega Bay, California. Their fantastic menu garnered them a Michelin Star in 2011. And they have the love and devotion of Bodega Bay citizens and all those traveling along the coast who happen to stop by for a bite. 

Liya and Andrew met at culinary school in the early 2000s. Each went on to work at high-end San Francisco restaurants before marrying in 2007 and opening Terrapin Creek Cafe in 2008 (And succeeding, during a recession!). When not working at Terrapin Creek, you can find the Truongs caring for their three children. 


What You Hear/Learn/Discover

[2:38]  Andrew & Liya share how they bought their restaurant, Terrapin Creek Cafe.

[04:14] Learn how Bodega Bay has embraced their cafe.

[7:24] Liya explains how growing up around her family’s restaurant influenced her culinary tastes. 

[9:04]  Andrew and Liya discuss how hard it is to make it in the restaurant world. 

[11:02] Mag, Andrew, and Liya talk about how the restaurant grew and expanded.

[13:38] Leah and Andrew explain how their college degrees in economics and computer science help them run their business.  

[17:14] The guests share their favorite items on their restaurant menu. 

[19:54]  Andrew & Liya talk about their Michelin star.

[23:49] Liya and Andrew answer the question, “If you were going to invite fellow chefs to have dinner with you, who would you invite? And what would you make?”

[30:00] Andrew & Liya talk about balancing work and home life. 



I love how fresh we keep everything and how the food that we serve is actually helpful whole food. We try to prepare it minimally. And I can eat it every day and feel good. You know, it’s not loaded with fats or starch. It’s balanced.” 

“For the longest time, it was just Andrew and me. I was in the kitchen. He was in the kitchen, and then when the restaurant was open, he would be on the floor serving, and I’d be cooking.”


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