Episode 4: Opening the Door to the Silence – Tom Bushlack

Hosted By: Mag Dimond

July 6, 2021

My Guest, Tom Bushlack, is the World’s First and only Contemplative Consultant Coach. Tom helps busy professionals eliminate feeling overwhelmed, improve focus and productivity, connect with their purpose guided by divine wisdom.
He is the host of the podcast “Contemplate This!”, which features interviews with leaders and teachers of contemplative practices.

What you will Hear/Learn:

[0:00] – Introduction to the show.

[0:26] – Introduction to this episode’s guest.

[3:20] – Find out how my previous interaction with Tom made me change my childhood perspective about religion and spirituality

[05:52] – Tom takes us through his journey of becoming the world’s first and only contemplative coach.

[9:55] – Toms gives a sneak preview of his solution and the kind of people he helps as Contemplative Consultant Coach

[12:12] – Tom talks to us about his connection and relationship with God.

[14:21] – Tom answers the question “Can you help people establish a connection with God”. He also talks about his approach of helping people with this.

[18:40] – The various forms of prayers.

[19:35] – Tom and I discuss Community, Beliefs, Mindfulness, Meditation in relation to Christianity and Buddhism.

[28:22] – The importance of being open to learning new things.

[48.28] – Tom’s Book “Contemplation and Community”

“Prayer is a way of relating to something Transcendent”.

Book “Contemplation and Community”
Podcast “Contemplate This!” hosted by Thomas J. Bushlack on Apple Podcasts and Spotify

Connect With Tom Bushlack:

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