Episode 7: Two Musicians get inventive during the Pandemic – Dan Turkos & Gail Hernandez

Hosted By: Mag Dimond

July 20, 2021

Today, I have two guests: Dan Turkos and Gail Hernandez Rosa, two special young musicians who recently formed the core of a group called Beneath A Tree – Baroque to Folk.

This group is unique and inspiring because of the inventiveness with which these musicians mix and weave the classical and folk voices in their interpretations. They’re about to release a groundbreaking recording called “My Cup of Tea.”

What you Hear/Learn:

[01:15] Guest Introduction

[03:56] Gail talks about her experiences as a musician traveling in different countries.

[15:15] Learn how they fundraised to record their album in the midst of the pandemic.

[16:36] They share the concept of their album and how it evolved through time.

[26:50] Gail and Dan answer the question “What are the perks and challenges of working together as a couple?”

[29:52] Dan talks about the importance of having individual identities.

[32:52] They talk about trusting the process and how avoiding perfectionism is the largest challenge as an artist.

[39:18] Find out Gail’s advice to young students who want to become a musician.

[48:54] We discuss our favorite musicians like Bach, Mozart, and Willie Nelson and how their music makes us feel.

[52:28] Dan and Gail talk about their views on improvisation and creativity.


It also feels to me that if you’re an artist, you shouldn’t have to beg. You shouldn’t have to beg to be heard.

Recording an album just like any piece of art whether it be a book or painting is really a reflection of the time in which it’s made.

The most beautiful thing about art is that with every single project or every piece of art that one creates, it’s not only a reflection of that specific time but it’s also something that evolves and changes.

And, it takes many, many hours to master your music, so you just have to be patient and enjoy the process of just making music at the point in time where you’re at. Because in a week, you will have improved. In a year, you will have improved. And, in another 10 years, you will have improved. Every step of the way is a moment of growth.

To me, the root of all music is Baroque music. I don’t see where the divide is. I mean, music is music. It’s a language. It’s a way of communicating.


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